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Kingdom Dominion & Demonstration


The seasons of life, spiritual and emotional, have one thing that is unlike the natural seasons. In the world of temperatures and precipitation, the seasons are rather predictable, designed by God to follow certain patterns. This allows us to know with some consistency how long these seasons will be and when they will end. But with the seasons of our lives, we do not have ...

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Battle Tested. Faith Approved

The story of Jehoshaphat (2 Chron. 20:1-30) shows us how to have confidence in a crisis--not confidence in ourselves (the American way), but confidence in God. As we saw, Jehoshaphat had a character flaw of making wrongful alliances with the godless King Ahab, but he was a man who followed the Lord and brought spiritual reform to the nation (19:4-11). But, then Jehoshaphat...

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