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Kingdom Dominion & Demonstration


If You Are In This Year, Receive This Word, And You Contextually Fully Understand What This Declaration Means, You WILL DOMINATE AND DEMONSTRATE Kingdom of God Attributes That Set You Apart.

When The Whole of Who God Created You To Be In Him Is Securely Planted (Spirit, Mind, and Body) As A bona-fide, Born Again Believer, Your Life (Personal and Professional) Will Emanate Kingdom of God Principles That Cause You To Live (Take Up Residence) In A Position Dominion & Demonstration.

We Are Positioned For A Greater Consciousness Of Untapped, Kingdom-Inspired Potential To Overcome The “Same Old, Same Old” And Rise To A Spiritual Level In A God That We Have Not Seen Before.

“If The Kingdom of God Is Not First, It Does Not Matter What’s Second.”

The Concept Of The Kingdom Of God, Often Referenced Throughout The Old And New Testament, Stands As One Of The Most Profound And Intricate Elements In The Entire Biblical Narrative.

From The Dawn Of Human History, As Depicted In The Word Of God, To The Eschatological Vision Of The Prophets And Apostles, This Kingdom Has Been At The Heart Of God’s Message To Humanity.

 In his book Kingdom Dominion, Living With Divine Authority, Dr. Aldric Marshall said “To Understand The Concept of God’s Kingdom in To Delve Deep Into The Heart of Biblical Revelation.

It Is To Grapple With A Reality That Stretches From The Cosmic To The Personal, From Historical To The Deeply Existential.”

He Further Stated That As We Journey Through The Biblical Revelation Of The Kingdom, We Find Ourselves Continually Invited, Not To Just Observe Or Learn About The Kingdom But To Participate In It, To Let It Permeate Our Very Beings, Shaping And Transforming Us From The Inside Out.

He Concludes That As This Transformation Takes Place, We Begin To See The World Through The Lens of The Kingdom, And Our Role In It Becomes Clear.



Such a good word!!!! Thank you for teaching us how to live according to the Word of God.
In right-standing with God, after believing and applying the above scriptures, we will have everlasting peace and rest with GOD that we have never experienced before. This is what Pastor Butler is teaching us at Living Water Christian Center Church. The WORD of GOD speaks for itself. Believe and apply.

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