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"After This" A transition into a time of Growth, Peace, Multiplication, Healing, Comfort,


1 Peter 5:6v – 11v (AMP) 6 Therefore Humble Yourselves Under The Mighty Hand Of God [Set Aside Self-Righteous Pride], So That He May Exalt You [To A Place Of Honor In His Service] At The Appropriate Time, 7 Casting All Your Cares [All Your Anxieties, All Your Worries, And All Your Concerns, Once And For All] On Him, For He Cares About You [With Deepest Affection, And Watches Over You Very Carefully].8 Be Sober [Well Balanced And Self-Disciplined], Be Alert And Cautious At All Times. That Enemy Of Yours, The Devil, Prowls Around Like A Roaring Lion [Fiercely Hungry], Seeking Someone To Devour. 9 But Resist Him, Be Firm In Your Faith [Against His Attack—Rooted, Established, Immovable], Knowing That The Same Experiences Of Suffering Are Being Experienced By Your Brothers And Sisters Throughout The World. [You Do Not Suffer Alone.]. After You Have Suffered For A Little While, The God Of All Grace [Who Imparts His Blessing And Favor], Who Called You To His Own Eternal Glory In Christ, Will Himself Complete, Confirm, Strengthen, And Establish You [Making You What You Ought To Be]. To Him Be Dominion (Power, Authority, Sovereignty) Forever And Ever. Amen.

Simon Peter, Also Known As Cephas (John 1:42v), Was One Of The First Followers Of Jesus Christ. He Was An Outspoken And Ardent Disciple, One Of Jesus’ Closest Friends, An Apostle, And A “Pillar” Of The Church (Galatians 2:9). Peter Was Enthusiastic, Strong-Willed, Impulsive, And, At Times, Brash. But For All His Strengths, Peter Had Several Failings In His Life. Still, The Lord Who Chose Him Continued To Mold Him Into Exactly Who He Intended Peter To Be.

WOULDN’T IT BE Great If There Was A Breakthrough or Vaccine For Trouble? How Wonderful Would It Be If There Was A Shot Or Pill We Could Take That Would Cause Us To Become Immune To Attack, Problems, Heartbreaking Seasons? That’s Just Not The Case. One Thing I’ve Learned In Life Is The Reality Of This Is No One Gets A Pass From It, And For Sure We All Have To Contend With The Challenges of Life. No One Is Immune, And Absolutely No One Is Insulated, Not Even Christ Followers.We All Have Had Times In Our Lives When Situations, Issues, Incidents, And Accidents Hit Us With Such Intensity That We Wondered How We Would Survive.



Such a good word!!!! Thank you for teaching us how to live according to the Word of God.
In right-standing with God, after believing and applying the above scriptures, we will have everlasting peace and rest with GOD that we have never experienced before. This is what Pastor Butler is teaching us at Living Water Christian Center Church. The WORD of GOD speaks for itself. Believe and apply.

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