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Mid-week Life in the Word Bible Study

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Every Wednesday

7:00pm – 8:00pm

Category: Pastoral | Coordinator: Pastor John Butler

thumbnail_IMG_0744When a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they begin the sanctification process of becoming holy, or set apart. This means living a Godly life, which reflects the character of God. Although no one can be perfect like God, the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts and helps us glorify God in our lives.

Godliness, a God-centered life, is not a set of disciplines or a system. It is a person. The mystery of a godly life lies in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ who appeared in a body and was vindicated by the Spirit.  

Jesus Christ is godliness in the flesh. He has lived the God-centered life, and our hope of living a godly life is in him. Jesus Christ is the object of our faith and Jesus Christ is the source of our life. 

Many people would say “Oh yes, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but he feels distant from my struggles.” Being a Christian is more than believing in Jesus. It is the life of Jesus Christ in you by the Holy Spirit. This is perhaps the most important thing for us to grasp in the whole of the Christian life. 

Godly Living Meaning: A Life Found In Christ

  1. The Proper Application of The Word, Commands, and Guidance of God In Everyday Life (Actions & Decisions), To Change.
  2. In A Very Practical Manner, Allowing Your Personal, God Centered Life To Eradicate (Exterminate) The Effects of Sin While Modeling A Healthy Lifestyle In God.
  3. Meaning Your Lifestyle (Godly Living) Proves Your Faith In God, His Word, And His Power To Change – It’s Your Proof, God Is The Change Agent.



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