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LWC3 Leadership Meeting

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Every second Saturday of every month

11:30am – 1:00pm

Location: 318 Emancipation Highway, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

Category: Pastoral | Coordinator: Pastor John Butler

At LWC3, our leadership meetings involve senior LWC3 covenant partners called by God to lead His plan, vision, and people. Their primary function include having the heartbeat of our church family and supporting Pastors John and Melanie Butler in the discharge of their pastoral responsibilities from Father God. The goal of our leadership meeting is to impart information Ministry Team Leads to make key Ministry decisions. 

The people who lead specific teams at LWC3 often focus on their areas of immediate concern but, we promote a meeting environment that facilitate leadership having a full understanding of what’s generally going on in other parts of the Ministry. This notion provides leaders with a better understanding of what’s happening all across the Ministry footprint which prevents and minimize conflicts between Ministry areas of focus.  

As Pastors, we also view our leadership meetings as a great opportunity to build relationships between leaders. Creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between leaders help ensure that our LWC3 leadership team is working together to implement and fulfill the LWC3 vision and goals. 

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