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Birthdays & Wedding Anniversaries

Birthdays & Wedding Anniversaries

One of the best ways to spread birthday and wedding anniversary cheer is celebrate the day like never before and enjoy it to the fullest!  Trust me, you deserve it.

No matter how young you are, birthdays and wedding anniversaries are days to celebrate, let loose, and have fun with loved ones, friends, and family.  These special days are meant to Honor the Love and Sacrifices of loved ones given throughout the year.  Days filled with Laughter, Gifts, Happiness, Affection, and most of all, Gratitude.

Every person deserves to have a day they can call their OWN, which is why birthdays and wedding anniversaries are such a special occasion for the covenant partners of LWC3.  Please join me as we highlight and celebrate the special days for this month.  If you see any of our covenant partners listed below, please express your best wishes to them on their birthday or wedding anniversary.

May Birthdays  


Sis. Audrey Roberson - 1st

Belle Henry - 2nd

Ryan Louhisdon - 5th

Sis. Rain Robinson - 27th

 Bro. Dan Louhisdon - 28th



Christian Birthday Wishes – Easyday


May Anniversaries


  Bro. Anthony and Sis. Shanna Thomas - 1st

Deacon Everett and Sis. Rain Robinson - 5th

Bro. Jonathan and Sis. Brittany Henry - 22nd


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